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—  Mel is a feeling maker. 

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Mel Blanchard Gong is the founder and writer The Last Generation. She believes nothing is impossible. She is first and foremost a writer, everything else she can do ridiculously well comes after that. 

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“I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” 

I'd much rather be noticed for what I AM doing, rather than what I've done. This site is just so you can see the tip-of-the-iceberg, but I'm just getting started.

Made when no one was watching, I'm no one, not yet. Rules do not apply to me and often find myself searching for the impossible simply to prove it isn’t. Hyper-critical, every day I’m a different person. I’m a time keeper, never late and always on the dot in fear losing time and wondering "what if." I’ve learned time doesn’t wait for you. 

After years of creating identities and building brands for other people, I'm finally creating my own. No more mind body crystal bullshit "influencers." I finally know what I want, and that is to be and do everything. I was told you can’t be everything, but game on. I'm best at writing from experience or I won't write, so this editorial has no rules. Like myself, it’s a rare exotic breed that might die if you try to catch it. 






The Last Generation is all of me, my best foot forward. Please feel it out.

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based in Venice, California
telegram: @thelastgeneration

Dream Job + Location

I'm often in London and would like to work full time there. Open to any opportunities. My dream is to work with a creative team that's like me, a little bit of everything and questions everything to one day do something big.


to be at 0.