Mel Blanchard Creative

A cross-platform production company servicing high profile bloggers, public figures, fashion brands, and small businesses in creating uncommon brand identities and stories.

Some clients: Goop, Disney, Vogue online, Getty, Shiva rose, Jenni Kayne, Mophonics, Playa Studios, NYC Food Inc, Fiona Lewis, Vanity Fair, Domino Mag, Chalkboard Mag, Molly Sims, Mind Body Green, WMN Space, Regan Arts, Global Citizens Festival




I am currently the creative director of a digital marketing agency where i work with designers, copywriters, and clients to execute across-the-board brand identities from marketing materials, case studies, social media, google ads, and digital presence




Two years ago me and a global team launched a passion project, a futurist immersive design strategy group. We research the future of companies' technologies to see what their product will evolve into for target time periods in the future. From creating a story of a character in the future to researching 'what if' scenarios, we imagine future worlds. Our team consists of scientists, designers, filmmakers, specialists in peculiar fields, and technologists. 

example: Adidas, how will runners be running and experiencing the world in 20 years from now. What technologies will they be running with? How will a 25 year old female runner who works in finance and lives in Hong Kong interact with her technologies. Adidas What type of person will be using Adidas gear? How can Adidas pivot now to control their future in 20 years? 


You must love what you do. I want to share with you three projects I loved working on and why.


When I work with other passionate people I come alive. This is a travel docs-series where music is the destination. I was given an idea with one word attached and asked to create a full story around it, that word was “LISTEN.” It’s a command, an action, and immediately it makes you feel. I saw this video the moment I was given that word before I made it. For me, I work off of feeling. The moment I met Eduardo, I felt him. It was easy for me to see the story and feel the passion for this project.


I was given the opportunity to work with Microsoft to create a TV show based off of their annual tech completion. Microsoft brought me on because they had two problems they wanted to solve, one make this competition the next Tech Crunch Disrupt and two rebrand Microsoft to appeal to the youth. 

I researched the history of tech branding, I went to the Microsoft top secret innovations lab, and it hit me. Community, Microsoft is a staple to not only the tech community but to Seattle. I came up with the brand line “iPhone. iMac. iWatch. Apple is about the I. Microsoft is about the WE. They were sold and again I saw the project before I made it.


They say images speak 1000 words, but can a photographer speak for his images? I was asked to create a TV pitch about a photographer. I was told he was difficult to get to open up and that there probably wasn’t an interesting show but to try my best. I call myself a chameleon because I can fit into any situation, feel people out, and really get them instantly. I was put to the test and Gray and I were symbiotic when filming. After working on this video, I was asked to help brand Gray as a lifestyle brand. To understand people and brands you have to be open to everything.