Mel is dedicated to story; without it there would be no image.

Whist living in Paris, a Great Prince looked me in the eye and cursed, "Imagination is becoming less and less available and you can't change without imagination."
[Bellow are three stories that changed me]

Who's Mel?

Hi there! I'm a, uh, well I just completed grad school, so I still feel like a student, but in reality I'm 'fun'employed. I'm a freelance photographer, babysitter, and unpaid intern by day, aspiring writer by night, and this is my under construction website. I live in Venice, California; the happiest place on earth. Stephen Colbert is my god. Wolverine is the man of my dreams. I named my dog Bella before Twilight went twi-hard. I like coconuts a lot. I started college at age 16, got a bachelors in Architecture and was recently appointed the title of being a 'Master' in Film and Television Production from USC, which means I'm way too young to have as much debt as I do... I'm just about down for anything. I've lived in Paris, stolen a wood penis from an ancient Princess's shrine in Thailand, scraped all the skin off my bum while rollerblading at 2am, ran from a mythological creature called the Pooka in County Mayo Ireland, kissed the Blarney Stone (ew, people pee on it), traveled across the world for an asshole, eaten scorpions, swam with jellyfish, and all before turning 25... Strategic marketing is my game and creative is my middle name. ha! Drop me a line anytime.

Passion for the craft.

Heart Me

Heart Me

A lovely little stop motion short featuring my magnets collected from around the world.

Angela Lindvall

Supermodel Angela Lindvall

Green Goddess Angela Lindvall in her Topanga, California home with environmental activist Shiva Rose.