For me, music is everything. Before I shoot and when I edit, I have to feel it. These are videos I've shot and edited. Some are short docs, some are youtube bloggers, and some are promos. My promos ads for The Last Generation are what I'm most proud of! Short and all about the feeling.

I have endless video work, this is just a fraction.


Gray Malin - Fine Photographer Short Doc

Directed by Mel

Shot + Recorded by Mel & Colin Crilley

A look inside GRAY MALIN's career as a high profile areial photographer.

LISTEN. TV Show for Spotify

Directed, Shot, Edited by Mel

Microsoft Imagine Cup TV Development Video

Directed & Edited by Mel

Doctor Charles Lee - Renowned Asian Plastic Surgeon

Currently serving as creative director of media for Enhance MedSpa. All videos directed, filmed & edited by Melanie

Feature Spotlight about the Doctor Charles Lee

Rhinoplasty Patient Journey Follow Through

About the Hydrafacial Skincare Facial

Kristina Kitsos - Cosmetic RN

Currently serving as creative director for KK Inc. These videos were all shot and edited by Mel

Everything You Need to Know About Threadlifts

Botox off the Beaten Path - 101 Ways to Do Botox

Most Beautiful PRP Video Ever Made

Common Misconceptions of Thread Lifts - Outtake!

Kristina Kitsos lifts Brandi Glanville’s Knees with Threads

Getty Family Short Doc for Chrysalis Ball

Directed, Shot, Recorded, Edited film for Getty Family - by Mel

Directing Actress June Shriener

Shot and directed by Melanie

Reality TV

That time I worked in reality TV and shot & edited pitch tapes all day! Pretty much pitched an idea then researched, skype interviewed people and made pitch tapes to pitch to networks.

Music Managers of Memphis

The Cheese Traveler

Mark Stevenson - Futurist


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These little ads represent who I am and my style. Every video accompanies a written article. Please experience full stories and brand at

All shot, edited, animated, and dreamt up my Mel


All shot & edited by Melanie

Shiva Rose

Served as a creative director for The Local Rose for 6 years. Videos all shot and edited by Mel


This is old old promo work. I was give crappy footage and had to do something with it. It's the feeling... I'm still proud of it because it's the feeling you get about her and her training.

History of a Hipster

Directed, Written, Animated, Drawn, Recorded, & Edited by Mel

Birth Stories Documentary

Directed, Shot, Edited by Mel

Married to Magic. Made for Discovery Channel Pitch. Shot and recorded by Mel and Team

The Present Program with Jill Willard - Shot, recorded, and Edited by Mel

Pimlico's Dish - A fairytale short film

Directed, Shot, & Edited by Mel.... my first naraative :)